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The English Martyrs' Roman Catholic Church    

Part of the Reading Pastoral Area

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Many Christians these days are terrified of the Old Testament, and think that perhaps the God of the Old Testament is terribly bad-tempered, as opposed to “Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild”, presented by the New Testament.


Three talks on Saturday October 14th at English Martyrs parish, will try to encourage those who feel a bit daunted by the Hebrew Bible, and actually encourage them to read it. We shall start by asking “Can We Handle the Old Testament”, before going on to look at the heart of the matter, the Psalms, the poems or songs where Israel lets its hair down and tells it how it is. In a final session we shall look at the theme of Mercy, beloved of Pope Francis, and see how in fact the God of the Old Testament is all about “mercy”, not vengeance.


Fr Nicholas King SJ will present 3 sessions exploring what the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) tells us about God.  Fr King is a well known biblical scholar and author of new translations of both Old and New Testaments. All are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions in English Martyrs Parish Hall: the first starting at 9.30 am, the second, after the 11 am Mass and the third starting at 1.30 finishing by 3.00pm. Light refreshments will be available all day. For any further information, please contact Angela Wills 07952 775811 jifatEM@btinternet.com .