The English Martyrs' Roman Catholic Church

Part of the Reading Pastoral Area



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At this time of coronavirus and Covid-19 Catholic patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital or their relatives or friends should make clear to staff that they request a visit from a Catholic priest in cases of serious illness.

Current procedures make clear that priests can respond to urgent only call outs i.e.

 imminent danger of death.  

When a priest is called, an assessment is made regarding his safety to attend a patient and correct PPE is given to the attending priest in order to carry out his duties safely.

We are fortunate to have a team of willing and able priests here in Reading who have made themselves available for this ministry. Through their generosity and faithfulness, it is to be hoped that no Catholic patient at the RBH will die without being fortified by the rites of the Church.

The on-call priest can be contacted through the hospital switchboard:-   0118 322 7105.