The English Martyrs' Roman Catholic Church                                           Part of the Reading Pastoral Area

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The Finance Committee is required by Canon (Church) Law and demonstrates the importance placed upon caring for, and using wisely, the material resources available to the Parish.    

A major responsibility is to oversee the upkeep of the fabric of our buildings. A professional Quinquennial (five-yearly) Survey is required for  all properties. This then highlights areas needing attention, repair and refurbishment. Work is categorised into what must be done immediately, within the near future, medium term and ‘in due course’. Depending upon what funds the Parish has, this work is ongoing.


Planned Giving

For more information please go to the Planned Giving page by clicking here



The church of The English Martyrs was built from a bequest, benefiting generations of Catholics who have worshipped here. If you would like to consider leaving a bequest to our Parish in your will, the necessary form of words can be found in the Diocesan Year Book.  Alternatively, have a word with the Parish Priest.

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