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The English Martyrs' Roman Catholic Church    

Part of the Reading Pastoral Area

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Planned  Giving

For anyone who is new to the Parish or anyone who would like to sign up to Planned Giving, we would recommend the completion of a direct debit instruction. This instruction can also be completed for anyone who would like to switch to direct debit from envelopes or standing orders.


Direct debits are the easiest for the Parish to administer as the Diocesan Finance Office summarise all of the direct debits and pays the Parish once a month. You can cancel your direct debit at any time by instructing your bank; you should also advise the Parish office.


Instructions are for a monthly amount that you feel you can afford. Current direct debits vary from £5 to £125 a month.


If you are a UK tax payer, please also complete the gift aid declaration as this enables the Parish to apply for a further 25% from the Government. If you change your address, you should complete a new declaration. If you cease to be a UK tax payer you should notify the Parish Office.


To download the application form please click on appform

To download the direct debit form please click on dirdeb



Please return completed forms to the Parish Office.